Your first day

A fun and innovative day to discover the essentials of working at CHQ.

Your first day includes:

  • Company history
  • Be amazing – Our customer service philosophy
  • Core values
  • HR basics
  • Interactive tour

Store/DC visit

It's field trip time! Within your first 30 days, you'll be shuttled to one of our newly designed prototype stores to see just how amazing Best Buy's new shopping experience feels, and how you will contribute to that success.

After the store visit, you'll be shuttled over to the Distribution center, aka the DC, in Langley, BC. You'll appreciate the incredibly vast and sophisticated process behind moving our products to our stores' customers.

You can also see what we do in aftercare of our products when they go back to our vendors or to Geek Squad city. That's right - we have an entire city within the DC devoted to Geek Squad services!

Reconnect session

Around the 30-day mark, you'll have a chance to network and to close the loop on information needed to have a happy and productive tenure at CHQ:

  • Executive chat
  • Be amazing
  • Living the values
  • Benefits
  • PA process
  • eVoice