Ensure that you arrive on time — or better yet, early.

It’s always a good idea to aim for being a good fifteen minutes early. This provides some wiggle room for unexpected delays.

Whether you choose to drive, take the bus or even cycle to work, here are few tips to make sure your first day and every day after that are successful ones:

  • If you plan on driving, practice driving there a couple of times at the same time you will be heading to work so you can time out the drive, and also plan ahead for any potential traffic issues. Having an alternate route is also a good idea. You need to know more than one way to get to work in case you find yourself stuck in traffic or encountering an unexpected delay.
  • If taking public transportation is your preferred method, plan out the route ahead of time and have a solid backup plan (bus instead of the train, for instance) just in case. The easiest way to plan your trip into work is by using Google Maps, or visiting Trip Planner on the TTC.ca website.


For those of you bold enough to cycle to work, please leave yourself enough time to change into your uniform. Bike parking is available at both locations. If you do choose to cycle to work, please follow bike safety precautions; we want to make sure you arrive and depart without issue.